Kerala PSC | LD Clerk Previous English | 084/2017 M held on:05-08-2017

Kerala PSC | LD Clerk Previous English | 084/2017 M held on:05-08-2017

1) The train runs at a speed of 65 kms _____ hour.
        A) a
        B) an
        C) the
        D) none of these

       Ans: B) an.

2) You should decide which one of the three choices A, B or C best _______ the question.
        A) answer
        B) answered
        C) answers
        D) none of the above.

       Ans: C) answers.


3)  Everybody has attended the conference, _______?
        A) didn't they
        B) have they
        C) hasn't they
        D) haven't they

       Ans: D) haven't they.


4)  Joy Thomas _______ the marathon for the first time in 2009?
        A) is running
        B) ran
        C) runs
        D) has run

       Ans: B) ran.

5)  She wouldn't have yawned the whole day if she ________ late last night.
        A) doesn't stay up
        B) didn't stay up
        C) hadn't stayed up
        D) don't stay up

       Ans: C) hadn't stayed up.

6)  We often go fishing _______ the river bank.
        A) along
        B) inside
        C) towards
        D) around

       Ans: A) along.  

7)  She has three children ________ her first husband.
        A) of
        B) in
        C) by
        D) from

       Ans: C) by.

8)  Priya said to him "Why are you working so hard?" (Choose the correct reported speech.)
        A) Priya asked him why he was working so hard.
        B) Priya asked him why was he working so hard.
        C) Priya asked him why he has been working so hard.
        D) Priya asked him why he had been working so hard.

       Ans: A) Priya asked him why he was working so hard.

9)  They haven't spent the night there. (Decide which part of speech is underlined.)
        A) Adjective
        B) Adverb
        C) Verb
        D) Preposition

       Ans: B) Adverb.

10)  Monkeys are _______ learners than elephants.
        A) faster
        B) very fast
        C) more faster
        D) more fast

       Ans: A) faster.

11)  Choose the synonym of 'Embezzle'?
        A) Misappropriate
        B) Balance
        C) Remunerate
        D) Clear

       Ans: A) Misappropriate.

12)  Find the antonym of 'Quiescent' from the following.
        A) Dormant
        B) Active
        C) Weak
        D) Unconcerned

       Ans: B) Active.

13)  My parents told me that I would have to ______ them when they become old. (Use appropriate phrasal verb.)
        A) look for
        B) look at
        C) look after
        D) look into

       Ans: C) look after.

14)  Find a word suitable for the expression "The style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge."
        A) Verbose
        B) Pedantic
        C) Pompous
        D) Ornate

       Ans: B) Pedantic.

15)  Choose the correctly spelt word from among the following.
        A) Ignouminious
        B) Ignomenious
        C) Ignominious
        D) Ignomineous

       Ans: C) Ignominious.

16)  Choose the meaning of the given idiom "To pick holes."
        A) To find some reason to quarrel.
        B) To destroy something.
        C) To eat some part of an item.
        D) To criticize someone.

       Ans: D) To criticize someone.

17)  Many medications have other __________ besides the intended one.
        A) affects
        B) effects
        C) taste
        D) none of the above

       Ans: B) effects.

18)  Thousands of people have taken part in a __________ democracy demonstration. (Choose the correct prefix from the following.)
        A) for
        B) by
        C) of
        D) pro

       Ans: D) pro.

19)  A __________ of gees was heard a mile away.
        A) litter
        B) herd
        C) gaggle
        D) bed

       Ans: C) gaggle.

20)  ________ money is invested by experienced investors who know about what they are doing.
        A) Clever
        B) Genial
        C) Intelligent
        D) Smart

       Ans: D) Smart.

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