Mock Test of 30 Important Previous English Questions LDC Main / Degree Level Prelims

LDC Previous English,റാങ്ക് നേടാൻ Quiz,English Mock Tests,

1. You should adapt yourself ____ the conditions of this place:

2. Cunning,scheming and unscrupulous act, especially in politics is termed as ____.

3. ‘One for the road’ is an idiomatic expression which means :

4. ‘Fait Accompli’ means: 

5. I shall not come _____ you need me.

6. The young one of Ape :

7. They have entered ____ an agreement.

8. The synonym of ‘Winsome’ is:

9. Last Saturday we ___ to visit our ancestral home.

10. He is in his salad days. (The meaning of underlined phrase)

11. The word Banal means:

12. Debonair means:

13. The meaning of “Mild”:

14. I was delighted ___ his unexpected arrival.

15. The idiom ‘Call it a day’ means:

16. Put out the fire soon. The passive form is :

17. The synonym of ‘excuse’ is:

18. To confirm or give support to (a statement, theory or finding):

19. None has finished the job, _____?

20. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve means:

21. Lakshmi has a bad memory. She can’t remember _____

22. He _____ his father.

23. India was dragged ____ the second World War without the consent of her people:

24. He is the last son. (The underlined Determiner is a)

25. ‘Duality’ means:

26. Find the correctly spelt word:

27. He has put _____ the meeting.

28. The culprit was ____

29. The word CLUMSY means:

30. ‘Aggravate’ means:

OUT of 30, Your Score is

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