Kerala PSC | LD Clerk Previous English | 079 / 2017 M held on 29-07-2017

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1)  The bomb _______ near the busy vegetable market.
        A) put out
        B) went off
        C) put across
        D) got away

       Ans: B) went off.

2)  Choose the sentence with correct order.
        A) Why can't we have a cup of soup at first?
        B) Why we can't have a cup of soup at first?
        C) Can't why we have a cup of soup at first?
        D) why have we can't a cup of soup at first?

       Ans: A) Why can't we have a cup of soup at first?


3)  Let's read a new story, _______?
        A) don't it
        B) didn't it
        C) have we
        D) shall we

       Ans: D) shall we.


4)  The deeper she studied, _________.
        A) the great she understood.
        B) the greater she understood
        C) the much great she understood
        D) the greatest she understood

       Ans: B) the greater she understood.

5)  Choose the correctly spelt word?
        A) accomodate
        B) acomodate
        C) accommodate
        D) acomodat

       Ans: C) accommodate.

6)  We live in ________ big house with a white door.
        A) the
        B) a
        C) at
        D) an

       Ans: B) a.  

7)  If you throw the knife, ________.
        A) I will get down.
        B) I get down
        C) I would get down.
        D) I would got down.

       Ans: A) I will get down.

8)  Synonym of kind hearted is ________
        A) bigamy
        B) benevolent
        C) bifurcate
        D) bilingual

       Ans: B) benevolent.

9)  Dutch courage means:
        A) Courage of Dutch people
        B) Courage to travel sea
        C) Courage induced by alcohol
        D) Courage induced by friends

       Ans: C) Courage induced by alcohol.

10)  The Police asked?
        A) where is your home
        B) where his home was
        C) where is his home
        D) where was his home.

       Ans: B) where his home was.

11)  Antonym of compulsory is _______.
        A) Uncompulsory
        B) Incompulsory
        C) Occasional
        D) Voluntary

       Ans: D) Voluntary.

12)  The editor was editing an important news. [ The passive form of this sentence is]
        A) The editor was being edited by an important news.
        B) An important news had been edited by the editor.
        C) An important news was edited by the editor.
        D) An important news was being edited by the editor.

       Ans: D) An important news was being edited by the editor.

13)  My daughter was rejoiced ________ hearing the result.
        A) on
        B) at
        C) from
        D) for

       Ans: B) at.

14)  Robert was inattentive ________ he had a car accident.
        A) because of
        B) so
        C) due to
        D) even though

       Ans: B) so.

15)  The white car is _________ more expensive than the green.
        A) very
        B) pretty
        C) fairly
        D) slightly

       Ans: D) slightly.

16)  Peter _________ his homework before the teacher arrived.
        A) has complete
        B) was complete
        C) had completed
        D) was completing

       Ans: C) had completed.

17)  A _______ of monkeys entered from forest and destroyed the crops?
        A) herd
        B) army
        C) tribe
        D) flock

       Ans: C) tribe.

18)  ________the weather forecasts the city was hit by huge sand storm?
        A) Therefore
        B) Because
        C) Despite
        D) However

       Ans: C) Despite.

19)  No one will come here, ________
        A) will they?
        B) won't they?
        C) will he?
        D) will anyone?

       Ans: A) will they?.

20)  One of my colleagues _______ attended the seminar?
        A) is
        B) are
        C) has
        D) have

       Ans: C) has.

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